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Our items!

This item is perfect for outdoor wedding! It is a great to hide the bride before she walks down the aisle!

Image (7).jpeg

This is a beautiful item that can be decorated to create your dream ceremony!

Our greenery wall is a great backdrop for photos or a cake table!

This photo pictures the greenery wall with our "We Do" add on item if you would like it to accompany your rental.

Image (6).jpeg
Image (3).jpeg

Our bourbon barrel bar makes a perfect cake table or bar area for your reception!

This arbor is perfect for that rustic or farm feel in a wedding. It also wears florals quite beautifully!

Image (5).jpeg
Image (8).jpeg

Bourbon barrels are a must for a Kentucky wedding!

The Corinthians signs are often used as a reminder of what love is as guests walk down the aisles to their seats!

Image (4).jpeg
Press: Press

This beautiful wall makes a great statement at any event! It is perfect for guests to come grab their beverage without waiting in a long line!

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